The Law Office

Füsthy & Mányai Law Office was established in 1999. Some of its lawyers used to work for the state administration in the first stage of their carrier and later on they acted in different law firms. We are committed to provide our clients with professional legal advice at the highest possible level with utmost rapidity and efficiency.

We are dealing with business law in broad terms, covering all practice areas of the law system that a company may be faced in the course of its day-to-day operations. Therefore our lawyers are engaged in corporate law, commercial law, antitrust and competition law, contract law, labor law, environmental law, and financial law matters. We offer assistance in mergers and acquisitions, real property and foreign investment transactions. We also do civil law, business law, labor law and administrative law litigation, as well as arbitration and represent our clients in debt collection cases and in the course of bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings. Focusing on the new challenges of the 21st century we are ready to give opinion on data processing and cyber security documents, policies and contracts of our clients as well as elaborate them if so required.

Many foreign corporate clients give us direct assignments and we do our responsibilities in the foregoing practice areas. The firm has corresponding contacts with leading law offices worldwide.

* color explanation: Dark blue areas indicate the partner countries.

We usually charge our fees on hourly basis but sometimes we make different types of arrangements, as well, particularly, if a certain project is clearly outlined. In all cases we intend to shape our fee policy in accordance with the interests and possibilities of the client. Court cases are subject to special arrangement, depending on the nature and value of the given matter.

Since taxation law often requires special expertise which goes far beyond the skills of a law firm, in these sorts of cases we engage external experts such as auditors, tax adviser, real estate experts or IT specialists.

Beyond Hungarian we offer our services in English, French, Italian and German languages of which English is used most frequently and at highest level.

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