Practice Areas

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Our office provides legal advice in setting up business associations and amending corporate data. We prepare contract of associations, deeds of foundation and internal by-laws for Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards as well as organizational and operational policies. We assist our clients in rendering shareholders’ resolutions, transfer of shares and business quotas, due diligence of target companies, transformation of companies as well as drawing up documents connected to dissolution proceedings. We offer legal representation in the course of such proceedings.

Our office helps in drawing up legal documents on establishment and termination of labor relationship and other types of employment relationship. We review labor contracts, elaborate labor policies, take part in preparation of responsibilities in connection with labor audit, employer’s and employee’s measures, collective bargaining agreements, works councils and trade unions, including giving legal opinions thereon. We act on behalf our clients in labor disputes and litigation.

Our office represents its clients in connection with financing transactions and implementing collateral arrangements relating thereto, both on the side of financial institutes and borrowers. We render legal advice for banks and other financial institutions in drawing up by-laws and policies and act on their behalf in procedures before various authorities. Our responsibilities within financial law mostly cover establishment of enterprises offering services subject to license and obtaining the necessary permits for their operations. Our practice includes legal issues of financing M&A transactions and due diligence in financial law deals as well as legal representation in lawsuits.

We furnish legal services in cross-border transactions, labor law matters concerning many countries, international family and succession cases, enforcement of foreign judgments as well as legal representation at Hungarian courts in litigation arising out of contracts governed by foreign laws.

We render legal advice in antitrust matters, qualification of transactions from the aspects of prohibition of cartels, control of concentrations and abuse of dominant position. We give legal opinion on consumer protection cases in connection with commercial activities. We act on behalf of our clients in proceedings at conciliation bodies and Hungarian Competition Authority.

We assist in elaboration of wide range of contracts especially, but not limited to assignment and Subcontractor’s agreements, sale and purchase agreements, rental agreements, cooperation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, franchise and lease agreements, broadcasting agreements, software license agreements, fleet management contracts, supply, distribution and other kinds of agreements. Of course we are ready to give legal opinion on drafts received by our clients from their business partners.

Our expertise covers preparation of sale and purchase contract over apartments, plots and lands, projects in connection with acquisition, sale, management and utilization of industrial plants. We also draw up documents for condominium of flats.

We are often engaged in transactions aiming at acquisition and sale of business quotas and shares held by foreign investors in companies registered in Hungary. We do due diligence over the business associations concerned by the transactions and draw up the necessary legal documents for completion.

We assist our clients in elaboration of legal documents in any and all phases of bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings and act on their behalf both in debtor’s and creditor’s position.

We offer our services for appraisal and evaluation of our clients’ receivables and passing decisions on the management thereof. We act on behalf of our clients in negotiations aiming at settlement of the debts through out-of-court proceedings as well as procedures for issuing warrant for payment, litigation, execution and insolvency proceedings.

We prepare arrangements necessary for the day-to-day business operations of our clients. Of course we also accept assignments for legal representation in lawsuits arising out of such contracts including but not limited to transport, insurance, mandate, carriage, freight forwarding, assignment and other sort of agreements. These legal actions may be instituted mostly at ordinary courts but sometimes, subject to special terms and conditions, also at arbitral tribunals.

We put special emphasis on data protection and data privacy law whereby we review the internal data processing policies of our clients, give legal advice, draw up the relevant documents and assist in compliance issues with special regard to GDPR project.

We render legal advice in large scale of environmental issues, including preparation of memoranda on Hungarian and international environmental requirements, assistance in enforcement of environmental claims, conciliations and negotiations with the competent government agencies in license matters, impact assessment, environmental audits and give a hand in elaboration of the adequate environmental strategy and feasibility studies.